What are the decoration trends for 2020?

What will your interior look like this year? Answers in images and decoding of the 2020 decoration trends to follow, or not! A little velvet here, cane there, funny faces, ceramics, tiles on household linen, we can go on and the best… If you are curious to discover the materials, colours, atmospheres and other inspirations that will punctuate this year, you are just in time! When some decorative trends are confirmed, others come to the fore or come back in force in 2020. Spotted and decoded by us, they will soon have no more secrets for you! Caneing is definitely not old enough Successful comeback for the caning. Fallen into disuse, this braiding technique is once

5 decorative tips for a welcoming top living room!

he living room is with the kitchen one of the main rooms of the house. We live with our families and friends, so it is important to feel good about yourself. Sometimes, despite our good will, small details spoil this feeling of well-being so much sought after without the living room. So to avoid mistakes, here are 5 decoration tips to make sure you have a warm and welcoming living room decoration. The decoration of the living room in 5 tips To successfully decorate your living room and make it a living space where you can relax with family or friends, you need to combine the requirements of the surface area and the brightness of the